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Wether it be the big  national charities , websites of interesting ideas or  fun stuff to do with your cared for person .This is where to find them.


Blogs and 5 great books.

Library shelves holding books including books on caring

The Internet has opened up the whole world to carers. Take a look at my Blogs , and see the top 6 books  this month.You can find links to social media such as facebook and twitter etc.

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Vital information

phones and tablet computer

Benefits, grants for equipment , specialist holidays and other stuff you need to know.

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Carers chat sites

Carer friends meeting

Don't become isolated , get online and chat , find out where and how to keep yourself safe online.

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What's in the news

news for carers

Breaking news for carers and cared for people.

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Blue Badge rules and FAQ

blue badge for disabled people and carers

Many carers support people who have a Blue Badge that allows them to have unique parking rules , to find out the answer to things like can a carer use the Blue Badge? Where is it ok to park? click below.

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great books for carers



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