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Police share details of disabled protesters with DWP


 Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has admitted that it has a written agreement to share information about disabled people and other activists who take part in protests with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  ........ read more 

Parking for people with Dementia


A hospital that  shows the way forward for people with Dementia more here

Changes to the Blue Badge

phot of disabled parking space.

In the news recently , Changes to the blue badge have been announced  and it's good news for people with conditions often seen      as 'hidden' disabilities....     read more here.                                      

Lack of support for Welsh carers


The 370,000 unpaid family carers in Wales are being seriously let down , 3/5 people may become carers , what needs to be done to support them more

Rates of pay so low that families struggle to recruit PA's


 Rates of pay for personal assistants (PAs) are so low that local authorities could be in breach of their legal duties to families with disabled children, according to new research by Leeds University. more 



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