Great gifts for Carers

Overnight/hospital Bag



  • Polyester
  • Printed with high quality child safe non toxic vinyl
  • 20 litres and ideal for carrying carer stuff , meds and  Overnight stay clothes/snacks and drinks
  • For further questions please contact us under the contact seller option

Calm a stressed out carer



  • Nourishing Ingredients-- Formulated with natural ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E help to moisturize and soften dry skin.
  • Essential Oils-- Uplifting Lavender essential oils calm the mind. 
  • Extra-large Tin Basket Set-- This extra-large tin basket can be used in many different ways such as storing a variety of items in a powder room, bathroom or bedroom.
  • Luxurious at-home Spa Set-- Items include: shower gel, bubble bath, hand soap, body mist, body lotion, 2 x bath fizzies, body scrub, body butter, bath salts, flower pouf and tin basket.

Have a laugh



When people in the village heard I was about to start working in the city they tried to unsettle me with tales of woe. The sun, blotted out by the tall buildings, couldn't shine and the rain was poisoned by the toxic fumes that poured from the sock factories. My skin would be covered in pimples from the hell of it all'

So begins a young woman's journey to adulthood. Lizzie Vogel leaves her alcoholic, novel-writing mother and heads for Leicester to work for a racist, barely competent dentist obsessed with joining the freemasons.

Soon Lizzie is heading reluctantly, if at top speed, into the murky depths of adult life: where her driving instructor becomes her best friend; her first boyfriend prefers birdwatching to sex and where independence for a teenage girl might just be another word for loneliness.

Keep smiling


Keep the mood light

Cheer up a stressful day

Get dancing

lighten up a gathering or a gloomy day with a great set of feel happy songs

Get motivated


Having a "I can't be bothered day"

get motivated to tackle that list of jobs with this great set of 101 housework songs.

Bring nature to you, and watch the action


Stuck in doors, feeling that the world is passing you by, bring the love and creativity of nature indoors with this bird box and camera set.

se nature up close and personal.

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