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Poetry competiton winner



Perspective is subjective

So let’s try philosophize

When confronted with a tangled brain

That lying can be wise

The past became re-written

When the proteins and the plaques 

Destroyed connections in mum’s brain 

To give her parents back

So, the mercy I’ve discovered

From this neural challenged state

Is It’s taken much, but given back

By Wiping blank the slate.

Who needs to build a time machine?

Why ask of HG Wells?

When his results can be achieved

With degenerating cells

I shan’t explain they’ve been both gone

For many a long year

This disease has had too much from us

Let her think that they’re still here

Written and Copyright owned by Laura Turner

please ask for permission to reuse.

2nd prize


Don't choose a man for his way with words

Never choose a man who calls ladies Birds

Don't choose a man for his skill in battle

Never choose a man who's jewelry make him rattle

Rather choose a man, who from the start

With a touch, can stir your heart

written and copyright owned by Alistair Richardson 

please ask for permission to reuse.

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Great five minute coffee break and great for exercising

your brain. We all need a little bit of fun .No prizes for this one but answers will be posted on 

30th August 2019. So don't forget to pop back and see if you got it right 

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