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Benefits advice

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The benefits system can often be very confusing , please click below to find out what benefits you or your "cared for" person may be entitled to.

You will be taken to the turn2us website.

It's a great free information service every carer should know about. 

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Grants for carers

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There are a few grants for carers so you need to read the eligibility criteria for them very carefully. 

Don't be shy or embarrassed that the people giving the grants will have "chosen carers" so please apply if you need to.

Carers Grants

Grants for equipment

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Some mobility and healthcare products are very expensive, some are very specific to your cared for person  e.g. electric wheelchairs, sitting chairs, bathing equipment etc.

However there are trust funds out there that can give financial help towards these things.

Click read more to find out where to apply.

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Accessible trips

Family and carers on holiday

Accessible holidays can be difficult to find and plan for. Each month I will promote useful websites that can help make the searching much easier.

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ill, disabled or injured?

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If you are long term ill, injured or have a disability, there may be benefits, grants or other financial support available to you.

Click here to find out more for helpful advice.

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Older Person 60+ benefits and grants

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 If you or your cared for person are aged 60+ , there are specific benefits available to you. Click for more info below to find out what resources, benefits and grants may be available for you.

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