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 The Carers UK forum is a supportive online community of current and former unpaid family carers who understand the ups and downs of caring. Whatever the time of day or night, you’ll find this a welcoming place to connect with other carers, support each other and signpost each other to relevant information, advice and support. 

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 Helping each other with advice and support with Benefits like Carers, Income support and Dla.  Please when asking a question could you state if your from the U.K. Or Ireland, it will help get your question answered more easier as it seems some rules on benefits are different from the U.K. and Ireland.  

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Pinch of Nom

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A great facebook group, very supportive and well managed, its a site all about great healthy easy to make meals , lots of people who go to the slimming groups post their before and after photos, many people don't go to groups but just follow the recipes.

See my blog on carers-corner for my before and after pictures.

Their ace recipe book is on my top 6 book page.

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Keeping safe online.....

Carers sat chatting

Read SAGA's top tips for staying online safely


If you are feeling concerned about your social media privacy settings, read on for some useful tips to help you enjoy social media more safely.

While social networking sites are great for keeping in touch and making new friends, they’re also a boon for anyone looking to harvest personal information, for whatever purpose. 

Sharing too much information on a social network may leave you at risk of identity theft – and even home burglary. 

Follow our top social networking tips to help safeguard your privacy.

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Keeping safe on public wifi hotspots


Free wi-fi is everywhere. From train stations, coffee shops and even supermarkets – the ability to connect your laptop, smartphone or iPad to a free public wi-fi network can keep you online while on the go.

But as ever, criminals are on the lookout for the unwary, and connecting to a free public wi-fi network without security can expose you to scams, hackers and viruses. 

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