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UK rules

 A Blue Badge will help you to park close to your destination, either as a passenger or driver. The badge is intended for on-street parking only. Off-street car parks, such as those provided in local authority, hospital or supermarket car parks are governed by separate rules. 

 Please note that when travelling outside England, but within the UK, the concessions may not always be the same. Please check with the relevant authority in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

Beware of fines

 It is down to you to use the Blue Badge properly. The badge and its concessions are for your use only. It is a criminal offence for you or anyone else to misuse the badge, and doing so could lead to a £1,000 fine and confiscation of the badge 

The BADGE holder is responsible

 If you are using the parking concessions as a passenger, it is your responsibility to make sure that the driver is aware of all the rules set out in this guidance. 

Your Badge Cannot be used by someone else , even if they are undertaking tasks such as shopping /collecting prescriptions/visiting you in hospital etc.

Where you can park 

Click on this link to find out where you can park locally in your town/city and also use it to find out where you can park in towns you intend to visit, essential for tourist days out and holidays.

How to correctly display your Badge

 When using the parking concessions you must display the badge on the dashboard or facia panel, where it can be clearly read through the front windscreen. If there is no dashboard or facia panel in your vehicle, you must still display the badge in a place where it can be clearly read from outside the vehicle. The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the hologram. The side showing the photograph should not be visible through the windscreen. It is your responsibility to make sure the badge can be clearly seen. 

Returning the Badge


You must return the badge securely to your local authority if:

  • the badge has expired
  • your medical condition or mobility improves and you are no longer eligible
  • a replacement badge has been issued for one that is lost or stolen and the original is found / recovered - then the original badge must be returned
  • the badge becomes damaged or faded and is illegible
  • the badge is no longer required, for example should you be confined to the house

Please also note that the badge should be returned to the issuing authority on the death of the badge holder. If you continue to display the badge when you no longer need it you may be fined up to £1,000.

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