Carer to website owner and affiliate



As a carer for 4 family members, I am often very busy with appointments, social worker meetings, assessments etc and after my husband had a period of unstable health following a brain hemorrhage and my work contract was ending I decided to look at work from home opportunities .

I came across a online selling program and began to wonder if my many years of work within the care sector and voluntary community, as well as my years of family caring responsibilities would be a useful source of information and interest to other carers.A local scheme to get carers over 50 back to work called Working Potential invited me to come along and meet with a member of their team. I talked about my dream of having a website for carers which would also act as a portal to selling products online. 

I knew it was possible but that I had no idea how to make it happen as I had no web building skills and little knowledge of affilate marketing. Yvonne suggested that I attended the Popup business school Course happening in Bolton, I did and I was so glad I did. I gained more confidence and learned where some easy-to-build websites programmes are on the internet, many of which are free. I really liked and have used to build this site from scratch. I learned about getting my website known by google and other search engines and the course gave me a good grounding in basic business skills. I also met a whole range of people I would never ever had met any other way. I was the only online marketer there but that didn't matter , the course content is for everyone, how you apply it is up to you.

I was so excited to find was available as a domain name and within 3 weeks my new tiny website was built , I was so nervous when I pressed the publish this site button, but I have never looked back. Many carers and non carers help me by visiting my site and have been purchasing products, surfing my suggested websites and browsing my book recommendations.

It's great being part of the Amazon Associates Programme as it promotes itself as "the leading selling programme on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of members".I have found it easy to join and participate. Many people don't wish to shop but they do enjoy my quiz or the monthly competition and freebies that I give away. There are pages on useful information for carers, some great website links and articles on "Whats in the News" .

I am always honest and upfront on my website that I am a Amazon associate and reassure people that the goods do not cost them any more or less just by going through my weblinks and promotions. It cost just a few clicks to help me build my business. Thanks for visiting today.




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