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  •  Did you know a lot of products carers use are so much cheaper on Amazon check out this months top products.
  •  There is a poetry competition and some freebies , maybe have some fun with my who am I ?quiz. 

There are pages on using a bluebadge carefully, Websites you should visit and what's in the news.

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This months Blogs..

laptop computer and carer notebook and pen

This months Blogs are on

 Dealing With Incontinence, 

Losing Weight as a carer ,Hobbies For Carers that cost less than £15

There is a  blog on using technology and Keeping In Touch and products that help and my favourite Blog is about Trying Comping as a new hobby .

 There are some great products to discover within my blogs and 

On this page you will also find  my choice of this months  top 6 books for carers .

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Competitions and freebies

Book fanning open

I love poetry and this month we  are having a Poetry Competition 

There are  some great  freebies to give away. 

All carers need to look after themselves and have some 'me' time, so don't forget to check out my Blog on new Hobbies for £15 or less .


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This months products

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Every month I will highlight products  this months departments are

1.Amazon Echo and Alexa

2. Gifts for people with Dementia

3.Gifts for carers

4.Health and wellbeing

5.Great books in the top 100

 Check out my Amazon echo article here for great ideas, find out what you could ask Alexa and find compatible smart  products

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Useful Info for carers


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June's Product of the Month



Superb overnight bag . It reads 

Coming through awesome carer (no time for autographs) 

This is my June product of the month, 


It's cute, it's sassy and it is great for those

 over night hospital stays, gym sessions or travel  bag. 

Click here to buy it for  £18.99

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  “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases"